drylin® ZLW - Toothed belt axis


The use of polymer plain bearings on all moving parts makes the toothed belt axis 100% free of maintenance and lubricants. The avoidance of lubricants also means a high insensitivity to dirt as particles do not get stuck on the moving parts. Consequently the axis "offers" a high degree of ruggedness in many applications. You can select between the basic and standard according to the application area and requirement.

Special properties

Deflection with grooved ball bearings

Lubricant-free linear guide using polymer plain bearings

Various carriage lengths

Hard-anodized aluminum profile

Polyurethane or neoprene toothed belts

Basic type version 02 A lubricant-free linear guide is moved by a neoprene (black) toothed belt with fiber-glass reinforcement. The deflection shaft made of stainless steel square and high-performance polymer gear wheel is mounted with 2 grooved ball bearings each. The drive pin is a stainless steel square 6x6 mm. A plastic adapter for pin diameter 10 mm is included in the scope of supply.

Standard type version 02 The similarly lubricant-free linear guide is moved by a polyurethane toothed belt (white) with steel cord. Deflection shaft and tooth rim - single-piece - are made of coated steel (stainless steel optional). The deflection shafts are mounted in 2 grooved ball bearings.

When to use it?

Quick positioning of small loads

Quiet running

Slim structure

Underwater application with UW belt

Cost-effective solution as basic version

Continuous operation

When not to use it?

When high loads should move highly dynamically

When positioning accuracy < 0,1 mm is necessary

The standard type series is available on request as version 01. The grooved ball bearings are thereby replaced by iglidur® plastic bearings.

Technical data, drive torque, toothed belt axis design
DryLin® - Options for toothed belt axes
Toothed belt axis ZLW-1660  


The toothed belt axis drylin® ZLW-1660 is the ideal solution for many positioning functions. The overall height is only 72 mm. The stroke length can be chosen freely (max. 3,000 mm).

drylin® ZLW-1040  


The toothed belt axis drylin®ZLW-1040 is the ideal solution for many positioning functions. The installation height is only 45 mm. The stroke length is freely selectable (max. 2000 millimeter) The carriage is available in 3 sizes.

drylin® ZLW-0630  


The toothed belt axis drylin®ZLW-0630 is the ideal solution for easy adjustment and positioning functions in restricted space conditions. The installation height is only 31 mm. The stroke length is freely selectable (max. 1000 millimeter)

drylin® ZAW-1040  

ZAW-1040 cantilever axis

For the ZAW-1040 cantilever axis, the drive unit is firmly mounted and only the profile and load are moved. The axis profile is made of hard-anodized aluminum. The product is absolutely lubricant-free and corrosion-resistant. It has low weight and is suited for high accelerations.

Opposite drive linear actuator  

ZLW-1040-OD reverse toothed belt axis

Toothed belt axis for quick reverse positioning, 100% free of maintenance and lubricants.

ZLW-0630-OD toothed belt drive  

ZLW-0630-OD reverse toothed belt axis

Toothed belt axis for quick reverse positioning, 100% free of maintenance and lubricants.

drylin® ZLW: Belt drive for extreme conditions  

ZLW-1040 toothed belt axis - Specialists

LT version for freezer applications down to -30 ℃; UW version for underwater use

drylin® ZLW - Mounting  

Fastening possibilities

The drylin® linear axis ZLW can be fastened in many ways.


drylin® E motors

Overview drylin® E motors and accessories. Fitting to drylin® linear tables.

ZLW motor flange  

ZLW – NEMA motor flange, standard and customized

The motor flange can be fastened on the extreme shaft end support with four screws.

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