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Video of the Week – How igus® technology is keeping the heart of the machine pumping26/10/2018

All over the world, igus clearly contributes towards helping machine builders achieve reliability excellence by providing maintenance-free technology for their equipment to assure maximum uptime. In this week’s video, we see readychain systems that are ready-to-connect, with just-in-time delivery to the production line. Even in particularly aggressive ambient conditions like a high-speed machining centre, energy chain systems prove their reliability. These include twisterband for compact rotational movement, sealed R2.1 energy chains that protect the cables and hoses from dirt and debris and E4.1 e-chains for high density filling and easy assembly. Also, drylin maintenance-free door mechanisms for reliable and precise adjustment and low-cost automation systems, such as the robolink fully-articulated robotic arm. Last but not least, igus smart plastics are enabling machine builders to implement Industry 4.0 into their equipment for predictive maintenance. To watch the video in full, please visit: . For more information about igus products and turnkey systems, please visit: or call igus directly on: 01604 677240.