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Video of the Week – How igus® enables intelligent monitoring of moving cables in smart factories14/02/2019

This week’s video demonstrates the CF.Q module, which monitors the health of bus cables in e-chains after the warranty period expires and recommends maintenance or replacement in good time. Just one part of the smart plastic range, the system provides early alarms even for the smallest changes in transmission characteristics – this avoids unscheduled system shutdowns as well as the associated high costs. The complex sensor system tests the electrical properties of the bus cable, these results are compared continuously with existing chainflex test data. When installed the CF.Q module warns the engineer by switching an NC (normally closed) contact when the pre-defined values of the electrical parameters change. The SD card slot makes the modules suitable for data logging, a serial interface is also integrated as standard for data output. For maintenance teams and production managers, smart igus cables herald a sea-change in maintenance and repair with precise service life prediction. Networking the isense CF.Q using the igus Communication Module (icom) enables online status of the cable with alarm options, as well as direct integration into the company-wide infrastructure. These smart plastics are already predicting the service life in numerous applications, such as in the automotive industry. To watch the video, please follow this link: For more information about igus smart plastics, please visit: or call igus directly on: 01604 677240