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Why should gears be 3D printed instead of machined?23/04/2019

In a live webinar on 9th May 2019, Tom Krause, Head of Additive Manufacturing at igus, will explain how to achieve wear-resistant plastic gears. Krause will present the gear configurator, iglidur high-performance plastics for laser sintering and the igus 3D printing service. “It is often difficult to design gears without assistance, because of the complex geometry,” explains Krause. “However, among the decisive criteria for a long-lasting gear is not only the design but also the selection of the right material and the appropriate manufacturing process.” Webinar participants will get practical tips on how to make wear-resistant gears quickly. To demonstrate this, Krause will give a live presentation of the igus gear configurator. In the second part, he will discuss the gear materials and introduce a special high-performance plastic: “The iglidur I6 material for laser sintering is developed specifically for worm gears, and igus has tested its very high wear resistance and durability in its laboratory.” Another focus of the webinar is a comparison of the manufacturing processes. “Gears are much easier and more cost-effective to 3D print rather than machine,” explains Krause. “With additive manufacturing, we can also produce optimal tooth geometries, which are very expensive to achieve by machining.” The way to the wear-resistant gear is therefore via the igus 3D printing service. Just visit the site upload the STEP file of the configured gear, select the best suited material for the application and place the order. The component will be printed and shipped within 1 to 3 days. Register for the live webinar online at: Alternatively, to find our more information about 3D printing, please email Dean Aylott at or call igus directly on 01604 677240.