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Video of the Week – How drylin® Q sliding plates offer excellent tolerance adjustment28/06/2019

In this week’s video we find out how the tolerance of fixture, positioning and measuring systems is compensated by a clever adjustment mechanism. Called drylin Q, the manually adjustable sliding plates are used for lifting column applications as varied as square tube-in-tube adjustment mechanisms, U profiles and low profiles. Made of the high-performance iglidur J plastic, the sliding plates are lubrication-free and, more importantly, maintenance-free. The drylin Q tolerance compensation system is easy to install and adjusts via the 8 slot nuts. Once fitted and finely tuned, the lifting column will operate quietly and rattle-free – a cost-effective, fit-and-forget solution. What is more, because the sliding plates are made from engineering plastic, they are corrosion resistant. To watch the video, please visit: For more information about the drylin Q sliding plates, please visit: or call igus directly on: 01604 677240