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print2mold - injection moulding with 3D printing tools

The fast manufacturing of injection-moulding tools with 3D printed tool allows for a fast and cost-effective production of prototypes and low volume production. This method has not been designed to entirely replace the costly manufacturing method of machined injection-moulded tools - but this more cost-effective with a low batch size, less than 10,000 units. In addition to the cost advantage, injection moulding with a3D printed tools is significantly faster - on average, approx ten working days are enough to finalise tools and parts.

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1. Create 3D model and export to STEP/STP format

Prepare CAD model for injection moulding Use CAD software or our free configurators to create the 3D model. Can't find the right file? 

2. Upload 3D model online for
price calculation

Injection-moulded special parts CAD upload Simply drag and drop the STEP/STP file or select it from a folder. Filter according to requirements or scroll to p2m method and select material.  

3. Calculate costs and order
immediately online

Order injection-moulded small series online The costs for the tool and parts, the delivery time and manufacturability are immediately displayed and you can complete your order directly online.

Calculate total price, including tool costs and delivery time in just three steps

In the print2mold® service, we produce individual injection-moulded parts from our iglidur® materials. Here, we use moulds printed in 3D that are suitable for fast prototypes and small series of 100 to 30,000 pieces. This results in significant savings and a delivery time of two weeks.

3D-printed injection moulds vs. 3D printing

Our 3D-printed injection moulds are ideal for processing parts with special properties, such as conductivity, underwater use or high temperature resistance. Printed moulds are up to 80% cheaper than steel fabricated moulds, and the 3D printing process is 70% faster than manufacturing using the conventional tooling.

igus® offers an online 3D printing service so you can easily order custom-made parts and receive them quickly. 3D printing your components can sometimes be a better option if you need them delivered quickly. They can usually be despatched within 24 hours or approx three days if they have a complex design.
Our high-performance iglidur® materials are also available as filaments for 3D printing and are well-suited for moving applications due to their high abrasion resistance and excellent coefficients of friction.

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Rapid tooling with 3D printed injection moulding tool

The fast manufacturing of injection moulding tools with 3D printing allows for fast, cost-effective production of prototypes close to volume production and small volumes made with injection moulding. This might not replace the costly manufacturing of machined injection moulding tools - but such tools are profitable only for batch sizes of more than 10,000. In addition to the cost advantage, injection moulding with additively manufactured tools is much faster - on average, six business days are enough to finish tools and parts.

Another advantage of the print2mold procedure is the fast and easy cost calculation for injection moulding in the freely available online tool. Users can see the total price and price per unit (including tool costs), but also manufacturing time for the entire project. First, the online tool automatically checks the design for print2mold procedure suitability so that any additional cost (such as for mechanical rework) can be identified immediately and included in the calculation.

When the model has been uploaded and the desired material chosen (the option of filtering according to requirements enables you to identify the perfect material), the complete configuration can be requested immediately or forwarded easily for further review. 
The igus® print2mold® process

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