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Automotive guarantee

To allow igus® to offer a guarantee the system needs to have been installed correctly.  This is to ensure that the cables and chain are all within the guidelines for the system.
The Automotive industry is a fast-paced, complicated and expensive industry so if there are options in place to make life a little easier within Automotive plants, it becomes benefiical all round. 
igus® now offers 3 different services to help customers gain this guarantee:

  • Full installation
  • Supervised installation
  • Signed off installation. 

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installation service with automotive guarantee

Full igus® installation with automotive guarantee

igus® can offer a complete installation service. This service includes:

  • An engineer visiting site prior to the system being specified for a pre-site installation survey.
  • Once this consultation has been completed and the correct system has been specified and agreed, the order can be placed.
  • The order will arrive at igus®, we will then arrange for an engineer to come to site and do a full installation of the system.
  • Once this has been signed off, the 36 month igus® chain and cable guarantee will be valid. 


supervised installation with automotive guarantee

Supervised installation

igus® can be on site while the system is being installed by the customer. The igus® engineer will carry out an onsite survey to ensure that the installation requirements have been met. If the engineer is satisfied that all requirements have been met, the installation will be signed it off. The engineer will arrange a service plan follow up visit within 36 months. This will comply to the rules of the supervised installlation and will therefore cover the igus® energy chain and cable systems with the guarantee.

36 month energy chain guarantee

Signed off installation with automotive guarantee

This one is similar to the supervised installation but it is done after the system has been installed with no guidance from igus®. An igus® engineer will visit to inspect the system. They will carry out an on-site survey to ensure that it has been installed correctly and is in accordance to the required guidelines specified by igus®. If the engineer is satisfied that the installation conforms to the requirements stipulated, the installation will be signed off. This will then give the customer the 36 month igus® energy chain and cable guarantee.


e-chain® guarantee

More information on the 36 month igus® chain guarantee

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igus® cable guarantee

More information on the 36 month igus® cable guarantee


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