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xiros® polymer ball bearing

As manufacturer of polymer plain bearings, what prompted igus® to offer polymer ball bearings now?

The needs of our customers for maintenance-free bearing solutions always lead us to develop new materials and products. Of course, we also observe the ball bearings market. We think that the topic of the plastic ball bearing hasn't been exhausted for a long time yet. With our long years of experience in tribologically optimized plastics and our testing potentials, we believe polymer ball bearings can advance a lot further.

Polymer ball bearings

René Achnitz, Product Manager for iglidur® and xiros®


What are polymer ball bearings made of? Which parts are actually made of plastic?

Polymer ball bearings are made of plastic cages, balls made of stainless steel, glass, etc., as well as inner and outer rings made of xirodur plastic. They are light, resistant to corrosion and chemicals and possess a high specific strength.

What makes the xiros® polymer ball bearings from igus® special?

The application of the tribo-optimized xirodur high-performance polymers makes lubricants obsolete, which makes the ball bearings absolutely free of maintenance and suitable for dry operation.

What is the origin of the name xiros®?

It is derived from the old Greek term for "dry" and signifies the avoidance of lubrication and the dry operation of the bearing at igus®.

What are the advantages offered by the combination of xiros® polymer ball bearings and the igubal® housings?

The application of xiros® ball bearings in the igubal® pillow block and flange bearings allows the rigid version a greater flexibility due to the mounting of the ball bearing. The pivoting version additionally offers igubal®-type compensation of misalignments for the ball bearing as well.