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Building material manufacturing with motion plastics

The term building materials is used to designate materials employed in the construction of houses or other buildings. From civil engineering to structural engineering: organic construction materials, such as concrete or cement as well as organic building materials such as wood are indispensable for every construction project. Specially developed high-performance plastics enable the use of igus® products can be used in nearly all areas, including building material manufacturing. We have the best possible solutions for all specific enviromental requirements. igus® products work well as alternatives to certain building materials such as steel and other metals. In heavy-duty areas, steel systems are increasingly being replaced by igus® e-chains® due to their greater suitability.
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Products for building material manufacturing



A series for virtually every application

  • Ideal for demanding applications
  • With or without pretension
  • High push force on long travels
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E4 HD chain

High fill weight with long travels

  • Inner height: 56 to 80mm
  • High stability
  • For especially demanding applications
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rol e-chain®


Rolling instead of gliding

  • For especially demanding applications
  • 75% less drive power, rolling
  • Speeds up to 6m/s possible
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The range of benefits provided by our plastics:

  • Cost-effective, modular design
  • Durability with low maintenance
  • Resistant to dirt, chemicals and high temperatures
  • Lightweight with high stability
  • Corrosion-free
  • TÜV tested
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Long travel system

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