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igus® tribology center - Advantages triboplastics*

Tribology Center

Triboplastics are tribologically optimized material compounds and therewith the basis of all igus® products and systems

energy chain systems

How smoothly the component parts interact with each other in an energy chain is a critical factor, such as rubbing between chainflex cables and interior separators. The materials are matched with each other to provide a long service life, whether on their own or as part of a system.
For the energy chain itself, igus® is the only manufacturer in the world that only uses plastic. Application areas include: offshore, steelworks, power plants, mining, machine tools and large cranes. The same applies to clean room, ESD or high-temperature applications.

Polymer bearings

Every year the igus® engineers develop more than 300 new plastic compounds and test their tribological properties – in the igus® lab – in more than 10.000 trials. All results are incorporated into a comprehensive knowledge and material database. Reliable information on the service life of iglidur® polymer plain bearings can now be made on the basis of this database. In the process the dream of many designers has come true - predictable plain bearings, which can do entirely without lubrication.

Test laboratory - more than 800 testpoints by igus®

More than 10.000 test are conducted in the igus® technical center every year.

To produce 1 liter aluminum, the energy of 15 liters of petroleum is necessary. 1 liter steel requires 11 liters of petroleum. 1 liter of plastic needs an average of only 1.8 liters of petroleum.

Tribology experts

Many special questions such as "Which plastic shaft fits best to this plastic bearing?" or "If sand also adds up, how long does it last?" or "For me it is vibrations and detergents - what would be the best thing to use?" are answered by our experts.
We look forward to your response and further requirements.

*Tribology deals with friction, wear and lubrication and the technologies for the optimization of friction processes.