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drylin® linear modules with lead screw drive

Lubrication free linear modules

SHT product range

Various materials for shaft and lead screw

All bearing points are completely lubrication-free due to the use of iglidur® high performance polymers

High temperature version available

SHT linear modules can be configured as a multi-carriage system or with right/left reverse travel

Compact linear module

SLW product range

Flat drylin® guide rails or high profile

Torsion-resistant dual shaft system

Corrosion resistant option made of stainless steel available

Trapezoidal or high-helix lead screw drives

Suitable for manual and motor-operated adjustments

Mono-tube guide for easy adjustment movements with an inner lead screw

drylin® easytube

drylin® mono-tube guide for easy adjustment movements with an inner lead screw

Available with measurement scale without lead screw

Flanged version for axial mounting on surfaces and profiles

SAW - linear module

SAW - linear module

Trapezoidal or high helix threads

Ball bearing leadscrew supports

Rail profile in high design, torsion-resistant

High strength

SHT - XY-table

Available as standard and preload version

High precision, extreme stiffness and accurate alignment with to the single-piece carriage

Adjustments by trapezoidal thread

Assembly of upper unit with left or right adjustment possible

SLW - XY-table

For manual adjustments

Profile rails drylin® W, made of aluminium, hard anodised or structure entirely made from VA and V4A stainless steel materials (high torsional stability)

Preload version SLWE-XY-PLavailable


Accessories for drylin® linear modules

Hand wheels, V-drives, spindle clamps, position indicators, and more


drylin® E - product overview

The consistent continuation of the modular system and the systematic idea of lubrication-free drylin® linear technology

drylin® productfinder

Productfinder for leadscrew modules, toothed belt axes and tube adjustments.

drylin® SLW

drylin® SLW - advantage of the system at one glance.