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drylin® stepper motor NEMA23XL

igus® stepper motors complement drylin® linear axes well. They distinguish themselves by their cost-efficiency, precision and simple control. They work reliably under varied environmental conditions (depending on the selected protection class IP). Due to the standardized power connection the igus® step motors can be connected to the most popular motor controls.


dashed: 24 V DC
orange: 48 V DC
characteristic based on quarter step mode


data sheet - drylin® E step Motor

Part No

MOT -                 MOT = motor
  AN -               AN = design
    S -             S = stepper motor
      060 -           060 = 60 V DC
        035 -         035 = 3,5 Nm Holding torque
          060 -       060 = flange dimension 60 mm
            M -     M = metric plug
L = stranded wire (optional)
              A -   A = without
C = incremental encoder
D = incremental encoder and brake
                AAAA AAAA = standard
AAAC = encoder
AAAD = encoder and brake

Motor with stranded wires

This motor is the least expensive and the most popular option. The connecting wires for this type come directly from the housing. They are preferably installed in machines and equipment that have an additional housing or are used in clean environments.

Motor with connector plug

Equipped with connector plug, it reaches protection class IP65 (IP: International Protection). The higher the IP protection class, the better the protection against dirt and humidity.

Motor with connector plug and encoder

The encoder sends signals from the motor to the control unit. With the encoder it can be controlled if the desired linear motion was executed precisely. Encoder = higher reliability of the equipment.

Motor with plug, encoder and break

The break can hold the load in place in the case of de-energized motor. This is used as a safety feature in case of power cuts – very recommendable for vertically installed systems.

Part No.:
 MOT-AN-S-060-035-060-L-A-AAAA Motor Upon request 
 MOT-AN-S-060-035-060-M-A-AAAA Motor Upon request 
 MOT-AN-S-060-035-060-M-C-AAAC Motor with encoder Upon request 
 MOT-AN-S-060-035-060-M-D-AAAD Motor with encoder & brake Upon request 
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Technical data

Distance over hubs 60 mm (NEMA23XL)
Maximum voltage [VDC] 60
Nominal voltage [VDC] 24-48
Nominal current [A] 4,2
Holding torque [Nm] 3,5
step angle ° 1,8
resistance / phase [Ω] 0,65±10%
inductance / phase [mH] 3,20±20%
Shaft load, axial [N] 15
Shaft load, radial [N] 63
operating voltage [VDC] 5
impulse / turn   500
zero impulse / index Yes
line-driver RS422 protocol
Brake mechanism
operating voltage [VDC] 24±10%
wattage [W] 10
Holding torque [Nm] 1,0
product weight [kg] 1,56
with encoder [kg] 1,58
with encoder and brake [kg] 1,82
Operating parameters
ambitient temperature [°C] -10...+50
max temperature rise [°C] 80
insulation class B
humidity (not condensing) % 85
protection class engine case IP65 (shaft seal IP52)
CE EMV guideline


Motor bipolar
M12 5-pole stranded wire
Pin Signal Colour
1 A/ Brown
2 A white
3 B blue
4 B/ black
5 - -
Housing Shielding -

motor cables
M12 5-pole


M12 8-pole
Pin Signal
1 A
2 A/
3 B
4 B/
5 0V
6 N/
7 N
8 5V DC
Housing Shielding

Encoder cable
M12 8-pole


M8 3-pole
Pin Signal
1 brake (24V)
3 0V
4 -

brake cable
M8 3-pole

Figure with encoder and brake

Input Critical Dimensions
Typ B1 B2 B3 ØD1 ØD2 ØD3 L1 L2 L3 L4
[mm] [mm]
[mm] [mm]
[mm] [mm]
[mm] [mm]
 MOT-AN-S-060-035-060-L-A-AAAA 60 47.14 9 8 38.1 4,5 20.6 88 1.6 7
 MOT-AN-S-060-035-060-M-A-AAAA 60 47.14 13 8 38.1 4,5 20.6 110 1.6 7
 MOT-AN-S-060-035-060-M-C-AAAC 60 47.14 13 8 38.1 4,5 20.6 110 1.6 7
 MOT-AN-S-060-035-060-M-D-AAAD 60 47.14 13 8 38.1 4,5 20.6 150 1.6 7
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