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chainge Recycling Program for energy chains

Make a contribution towards the reduction of plastic waste and the improvement of recycling in industry

Products made of plastic are an integral part of our everyday life. However, they often have a bad image as plastic is first and foremost associated with waste in public life. Just think of bottles of soft drinks and plastic bags that stick out of piles of rubbish or accumulate on beaches. There is no question that there should be greater awareness of the use of plastic in consumer products and that it can be restricted in many areas of life, such as when we buy fresh fruit or vegetables. But what about plastics in industry? How important are they there?
Functional components made of plastic are playing an increasingly greater role in industry. The material is very versatile in that it can be used for purposes that metal cannot be or not to the same extent. As a result of this and their optimised frictional properties, plastics from igus, used for bearings or energy chains, have an especially long service life, which is also predictable. 

But every energy chain comes to the end of its service life sometime. Previously, users disposed of chains as a part of industrial waste, at best. In such a situation, it is doubtful that re-usable granulate material can be obtained, given the expense of unmixing materials for recycling. Where the end of the useful life of plastics in industry is concerned, their environmental record is therefore often not much better than that of plastics in private households.
Have your energy chain processed as part of the igus® chainge Recycling Program - no matter which manufacturer they came from.

Recycle your energy chain

The igus® spring clean!

As a company we are aware of the carbon footprint that we have on the planet. We have made lots of investments and changes into helping fight climate change but there were some smaller things we wanted to do. We have launched “the igus® big spring clean” this month and we have igus® employees up and down the country taking part in a mass litter picking scheme. This green scheme links nicely with the chainge programme we are also doing.  

Here are a few images of some of the arranged litter picks.  

True unmixed recycling: how to do it

You can send us your old plastic energy chains instead of simply disposing of them with other products as part of your industrial waste. The highlight: we accept all energy chains, even from other manufacturers. We collect the returns with the goal to maximise recycling, either in our own production or by using a recycling partner, who can re-use the material. We separate the material on site and shred everything we can use for production into regranulate. We reward your commitment with an igus voucher based on the weight of the chain sent to us.

chainge Recycling Program for energy chains

Remove the rough dirt from the energy chain, with a high-pressure cleaner, for example.

chainge Recycling Program for energy chains

Weigh the energy chain.

chainge Recycling Program for energy chains

Fill in the form in order to get in touch with us.

chainge Recycling Program for energy chains

Package the energy chain and send it to us.

chainge Recycling Program for energy chains

igus UK Ltd
chainge Recycling Program
Caswell Rd

chainge Recycling Program for energy chains

You will receive a voucher that you can then use for new igus products. Currently, we reward you to the value of 53 pence per kilogramme. 
Example of calculation for a payment as an igus voucher: 50kg x £0.53 = £26.50 payment

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Find out more about sustainability at igus®, the ISO standard 14001 and environmental projects that we support.

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