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Help overview

1. Part number search

Find an item based by the part number; at least 3 characters.

2. 3D version

A 3D CAD derivative of the selected product configuration can be created here.

3. 2D version

One or multiple 2D CAD derivatives of the selected product configuration, in various views, can be created here.

4. Download center

If one or more CAD files is generated in 2D or 3D versions, they are stored in the download center.

5. View in the preview window


  • Isometric
  • Front
  • Top
  • Backside
  • left
  • - Bottom

6. Automatic regeneration On/Off

In complex configurations, there is the possibility to deactivate automatic regeneration, this saves time in the CAD drawing.
The current product configuration will be recalculated with each input parameter. If the automatic regeneration is deactivated, at the push of a button the product configuration is calculated only once.

7. Preview in the 3D viewer

The 3D viewer will open in a separate window and contains the functions:

  • Rotate the view
  • Zoom
  • Move
  • and more ....

8. Preview in the 2D viewer

The 2D viewer will open in a separate window and contains the functions:

  • Rotate the view
  • Zoom
  • Move
  • Print
  • and more ....

9. Available "neutral" CAD formats.

Neutral formats are exchangeable formats that can be used by various CAD systems.

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