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igus® Ltd.

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Northampton, NN4 7PW

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Technical college, FH Esslingen/Göppingen, Hochschule für Technik (FHTE)

Project team:

Mechatronics and electrical engineering students of the technical college FH Esslingen/Göppingen, Hochschule für Technik (FHTE), Peter Dittmer (artist)


Design and construction of the "AMME_5"

Communication with the computer

E-Chain® from igus® unites art and technology

Peter Dittme, an artist based at Berlin, has been working on the "Amme" project for more than 14 years. Last year the fifth version, among others, was made in collaboration with 32 students of the FH Esslingen.

The AMME_5 is an object about 20 meters long, made of steel, glass and lots of technology. It should enable the communication between man and machine, to take up our relation with the computer.

The people communicate with the Amme directly via the computer monitor and keyboard. The ultimate response of the Amme is the spillage of a glass of milk. A robotic arm, which moves on a guide rail, spills the milk with a grip mechanism. The Amme fills the glass anew and cleans the desktop fully automatically. Visitors of the numerous exhibitions have already sought to make contact with the Amme. Thus altogether 10,000 pages of conversations have been recorded on its six writing desks in the past years.

Gripper mechanism with the glass of milk
The base frame of the design shows the distances at which the Amme_5 is supplied with electricity.

The complex system evolved out of electrical engineering and mechatronics is supplied with electricity at all times. Last but not least, it is courtesy of an energy chain of the Series 250 of igus®. "We are happy to support the new generation design even in such exceptional projects and do the balancing act between functionality and aesthetic requirements of the artist," declares Michael Weber, the project organizer at igus. ®.

The AMME_5 is on show from April to November 2006 at the Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie in Karlsruhe and from December to February 2007 at the Museum der Modernen Kunst in Vienna.

Design drawing of the AMME_5. Art and technology, united at 20 meters
That's how it looks in practice
Artist and students work as a team in the implementation of the project.
Installation of the E-Chain®

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