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Multiple clamps

The proven and tested Chainfix strain reliefs now have more varied applications. New components offer innumerable assembly options.

New universal strain relief

Save assembly time and space

compact and modular

for small outer diameters

Low priced

Part No.   Part no.
Individual trough parts
    For cables
Ø max. [mm]
Bearing Type CDA.4/4-8 CD.4/4 CD.4/4-8 CD.12    
CFX12.1.Z1 x(2-Piece) - - - 6  Inquiry
CFX12.2.Z1 x(2-Piece) x(1-Piece) - - 6  Inquiry
CFX12.2.Z2 x(1-Piece) - x(1-Piece) - 6+12  Inquiry
CFX12.2.Z3 - - x(2-Piece) - 6+8  Inquiry
CFX12.3.Z1 x(2-Piece) x(3-Piece) - - 6  Inquiry
CFX12.3.Z2 x(1-Piece) x(2-Piece) x(1-Piece) - 6+12  Inquiry
CFX12.3.Z3 x(1-Piece) - x(1-Piece) x(1-Piece) 6+12  Inquiry
CFX12.3.Z4 - x(1-Piece) x(2-Piece) - 6+10  Inquiry

C profiles for clamps and KMA mounting brackets

C profiles for all clamps, also for installation in KMA mounting bracket of Series E4.32, 280, 2828, E4.42, 380, 3838, E4.56, 400, 4040, 14040, 14240, E4.80, 5050, 15050 Part no. CF92.42. XX (XX - length provided in mm). For the stainless steel version of the C rail please add " E" Part no. CF92.42. XX . E - Standard material galvanized steel.


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