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Introduction: Designing with igus®

Energy chain fundamentals

Fundamentals and calculations

Locating the fixed end in the centre of the travel is always the most cost-effective solution.

How to calculate the length
Energy chain installation methods

Types of movement

From unsupported applications to circular movements to zig-zag applications.

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Energy chain filling rules

Distribution rules

General filling rules for cables and hoses in energy chains.

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Strain relief devices for energy chains

Strain relief elements

Ideally, the cables/hoses should be strain relieved at both ends of the chain. They must be strain-relieved at the moving end of the e-chain® at least.

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Energy chain technical environment

Environmental influences (technical)

Specific material information: igumid material, cleanroom and ESD, dirty environments, chemically resistant.

Energy chain technical terms

Technical terms and definitions

Here is an overview of all abbreviations and formulae for energy chains that might help when specifiying the best one. 

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Assembly instructions

How to assemble and disassemble our energy chains.
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Test laboratory

Ten billion e-chain cycles per year in the e-chain and chainflex test laboratory.
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