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igus® Ltd.

Caswell Road

Northampton, NN4 7PW

01604 677240

Solutions with igus® e-chain systems®

Long travel distances (441 m) with Rol e-chain®
High fill weights (60 kg/m) System E4 fill weights.
triflex® series in a plastic tank production line
readychain® under water. System E4 and chainflex® CF9
readychain® with combined motions on tooling machines
Series E6.52 high speed (15 m/s) low noise operation, optimized noise level
Crash test unit: 22 m/s speed and 784 m/s2 acceleration, travel speed
Complex movements with triflex®R
Clean rooms and triflex® R
Extension links for E2 and E4 for large conduits, cable and hoses
Zig-Zag movements, 36 m height with E4/4.
System E6 - high accelerations and ESD safety
Unsupported application System E4/0
Unsupported, side-mounted E4 Series R188
Unsupported application, nested System E4/0
Gliding application System E4, up to 500 m realized
Gliding, side-mounted - Series E4/4
Gliding application System E4
Vertical, standing Series E4/light, up to 6 m possible
Rotary movement System E4
e-chains® side by side as individual or "multiband" - Series Zipper
Vertical, hanging Series E4 up to 40 m possible
Spiral and rotary movement twisterchain
Combined movement Series triflex®