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Unsupported - short travels

Definition - unsupported

We speak of an unsupported application, if the upper run of the e-chain® does not touch the lower run along the entire travel.

Unsupported applications

The unsupported application is the most common of all application types. igus® e-chain® systems are ideally suited for high dynamics and long service life. The maximum unsupported length is first of all dependent on fill weight and the selected e-chain® or E-Tube.

Definition - unsupported length FLG

That is the distance between the moving end and start of radius bend of the e-chain®. The unsupported length is always dependent on the chain type and the fill weight.

Example for unsupported straight FLG

The installation type FLG always yields the highest service life and can be operated with the maximum values for speed and acceleration.

Gliding - Long travels

Definition - gliding application

We speak of a gliding application, if the upper run of the e-chain® is placed on its lower run.

The gliding application system of igus® e-chain®

In long travels the upper run of the igus® e-chain® is placed on the lower run. The upper run glides partly on the lower run and partly on a glide rail at the same height. The graphic below shows this principle. A trough is required (guide trough) for the lateral guide.

Free project planning

We suggest that you let us calculate every gliding application. The advantage of us undertaking the project planning of the igus® e-chain system® is that we always work out the most cost-efficient solution for you, taking into account the technical requirements and operational safety.

Practical example for a reduced moving end

Advantages of reduced moving end:

Over 400 m travel

5 m/s speed

Fill weight up to 70 kg/m


Please note:

For gliding applications up to 10 meters, we recommend the use of an e-chain® with larger unsupported length and unsupported installation type.

Gliding applications = Pivoting mounting brackets

"RBR" circular motions

Circular motions with "RBR"

"RBR" is "reverse bending radius" and means that the e-chain® can bend in two directions. Each igus® e-chain® can incorporate RBR designs, with the exception of several radii, for the E-Tubes R117 to R98 and for the Series 07, 09, 14, 15, and 17. The RBR does not necessarily need to be identical to the normal bending radius of an e-chain®. Part No. 280.15.100/425.0, describes a Series 280 e-chain® with an inner width of 150 mm, standard bending radius of 100 mm and RBR of 425 mm. Most rotary motions can be achieved with the RBR option. Angles of rotation up to 540° have been realized. On the right site is an example of rotary motion using an RBR e-chain®. Please consult igus® for your particular application.

Series 250, E2 medium with 360° RBR rotary motion on a robot Series 250, E2 medium with 360° RBR rotary motion on a robot

A lot of e-chains® are available with "RBR" - reversed bending radius. Please note the reference text for the respective series in the product range - chainflex® cables particularly suited with TPE exterior jacket.

Standard e-chain® 350.075.200.0 angle of rotation 225° Standard e-chain® 350.075.200.0 angle of rotation 225°

You'll receive an overview of the most varied applications in the section, Design Specifications.

We'd be glad to assist you in the selection and design of the right e-chain®.

Please talk to us - you will get a detailed system proposal within 24 hours

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