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igus® Ltd.

Caswell Road

Northampton, NN4 7PW

01604 677240

the-chain: Improve technology and lower costs by innovating

igus® was founded in 1964 in a two-car garage in Cologne-Mülheim. By asking the question: "Give me your worst problem part, I will solve this for you! " Günter Blase was able to win his first customer, Schlafhorst Corporation.

Today, igus® supplies more than 175,000 customers around the globe; on average, 4,200 packages are on their way to end customers from 13 distribution centers per day. And we continue to ask ourselves: How can we improve technology and reduce costs at the same time? The collaboration with our customers is particular important for us. In Germany alone, more than 80 sales engineers are at customers daily to develop solutions with you, either on the drawing board or directly on the machine. Using the Open-Space process (you provide us with your installation space and application parameters, and we provide you with the solution), hundreds of customer-specific standard solutions are created from the 100,000 articles that make up our product range - which are a precise fit for your machine. And when something does not fit, we develop something that will. This is how 134 new products were created during 2013 alone:

the-chain: The development of the roller chain

An impressive example for the innovation process is the particularly stable energy chain Series E4/4. This was originally developed to provide greater stability for laterally rotated applications without support. But the interlocking mechanism on the chain side plates also provides the energy chain with very high push/pull force characteristics, which allowed us to solve applications in particularly rough environments.

The roller chain was developed to address the need for further increases in durability. The rol e-chain® reduces drive forces by 75%, by having the upper run of the chain roll instead of glide on the lower run. This development was ideally suited for crane building applications and resulted in opening up a completely new market with currently more than 4,500 applications in harbor cranes and more than 10,000 applications in the entire harbor crane building field.

In order to further reduce operating noise and vibrations, the development process resulted in the profiled roller chain P4, which facilitates a vibration-free and low noise transition from roller to roller using a design-engineering trick (roller offset in the gliding application).

the-chain: Become a product inventor

We always have open eyes and ears, searching for technical advancements on your behalf, and look forward to your ideas, thoughts, but also any negative feedback. For years, we have been collecting your wishes in a "Wishlist" and would be delighted to include you into the group of "Product inventors" at igus®: