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triflex® RS

installation guide for TRC and TRE system


Mount the pre-assembled triflex® RS on the robot.


Entire system slideable sideways

Mounting without triflex® RS adapter

If the hole pattern is identical to that of the robot, the triflex® RS is directly mounted on the robot.

Don't move cover positions

Mounting with triflex® RS adapter

If the hole pattern is different than the robot or projecting edges, a triflex® RS adapter is mounted between the robot and triflex® RS and the triflex® RS on top of it.

Don't move cover positions

Mount moving end of triflex® R chain and adjust length.


Use spacer blocks for TRE mounting brackets

Install mounting bracket with strain relief on the moving end and System komplett fasten triflex® R.


Large hook outside

Normal model:

Fastening directly on the application and strain relief by means of cable ties on the strain relief teeth.

Heavy duty model:

Fastening on the additional axis on the robot. Strain relief through CFX strain relief clips on the double C rails

Optional: Mount protectors for projecting edges.