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e-spool® cable reel system

The igus® e-spool® cable reel system safely guides many different cables in a confined space.The e-spool® cable reel uniquely combines two different energy supply systems: one standard energy chain is guided by a roller, providing the correct length and tension of the energy supply system through an integrated spring. In the home position, the energy chain is completely rolled up to save space. The twisterband connects the roller with the shaft end block, serving as an interface to the supply side cables.

  • No tensile strain on the cables
  • Energy supply is possible in all directions (horizontal, vertical, diagonal)
  • Space-saving, no "chain station", as the energy chain is rolled up in the starting position, ensuring the paths remain clear
  • Cables can be retrospectively added or changed
  • Maximum extension and retraction speed 1m/s

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The e-spool® cable reel systems

NEW: e-spool® flex

e-spool flex

Interruption-free panel feed. The alternative to the cable reel.
Extension length: 5-15m

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e-spool® compact

e-spool compact

Compact, space-saving
Travel length: 2-4m | Drum 240-400mm | Cable length: 4-6.6m

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e-spool® with manual pull-out

e-spool with manual pull-out

Pulling out a cable by hand
Travel length: 5m | Drum: 300mm | Cable length 3.3-8.3m 

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e-spool® standard

e-spool standard

Variable use
Travel length: 4-14m | Drum: 600-850mm | Cable length: 8.6-19.9m

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HD e-spool®

HD e-spool

Variable use, with higher retraction force
Travel length: 4-14m | Drum: 600-850mm | Cable length 8.6-19.9m

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e-spool® power

e-spool power

Motor driven, for long extension
Travel length: 25m | Drum: upon request | Cable length: upon request

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Please contact us if you have outdoor applications or your e-spool® cable reel will be operated overhead in a public area (spectator stands, stages, etc.) as the e-spool system may have to be specially secured.

When to use the e-spool® cable reel system:

  • When many different cables should be routed in very confined spaces
  • When different media (power, data and fluids) can be routed together in one system

When to use another cable reel system:

  • For cables with large bend radii
  • With very high loads that have to be guided vertically
  • With overhead applications in a public area

Innovations 2022

e-spool for stage and theatre operations

e-spool theatre

  • Certified for stage and theatre operations according to DIN EN 17206 and DGUV principle 315-390
  • Slip-ring-free alternative to the cable drum
  • Safe guidance of cables in a very small installation space
  • Has various sensor monitoring capabilities

e-spool configurator

e-spool configurator

  • Available for SP1, SP2, SPHD1, SPHD2
  • Interior separation configuration for e-spool systems
  • Automatic filling of the twisterband e-chains
  • Automatic creation of the technical drawing of the interior separation

e-spool with smart function monitoring

smart e-spool

  • Increases system safety thanks to continuous function monitoring
  • Extends maximum theatre e-spool® service life
  • Measurement and display of the current extension length

e-spool® cable reels in successful applications

Frequently asked questions about cable reels

Where are cable reels used?

Cable reeling drums are typically found in the grid section of the theatre / Auditorium, Floor mounted then using a bespoke roller system and guide hole through the grid floor, the cable management system is then connected to the ladder truss / Bridge.

How can a cable reeling drum function without a slip ring?

Our e-spool® uses our twisterband which is fixed on the side of the cable drum, acting as a secondary cable management system. The twisterband offers great rotation movement in very small spaces so, the e-spool can be used in a confined area as well as offering a hardwired maintenance free cable management system.

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