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iglidur F gear

Lightweight, lubrication-free and maintenance-free

Gears made of iglidur F material

There are now iglidur gears consisting of the material iglidur F. Their service life is twice as long  as that of POM gears. iglidur F is characterised by a particularly low coefficient of friction and high wear resistance - even in applications requiring continuous operation - and also by its vibration-dampening properties. These advantages can now be exploited for gears as well.  Cost-effectively injection moulded from iglidur F, they make the use of additional lubricant superfluous and your application is therefore maintenance-free.

Tech up

Tech up

  • Low coefficient of friction
  • Wear-resistant material for continuous operation
  • Vibration-dampening
  • Electrically discharging due to the use of iglidur F
  • Longest service life in the area of iglidur gears

Cost down

Cost down

  • Freedom from maintenance reduces costs for lubricant and maintenance
  • Higher running performance
  • Cost-effective due to injection moulding



Gears made of the materials iglidur F and POM were tested.  Average operating hours at 64 rpm and 2.25 Nm to tooth root break



Proven in continuous operation

We have developed iglidur F gears for this purpose

The iglidur gears have proven themselves many times in our robolink gearboxes and have additionally been tested in the igus test laboratory under real operating conditions. For example, torque fluctuations, efficiency and backlash of the gearboxes with the iglidur gears are electrically measured and evaluated here. The gathered experience values allow continuous optimisation of our gears and the use in wear-intensive continuous application.
iglidur gears are characterised by their special wear resistance in use. Due to their special material composition of base polymers, fibres and fillers as well as solid lubricants, they have very low wear properties and do not require additional lubricants. This extends maintenance intervals and reduces expensive downtime minutes.

Test rig for iglidur gears

Our expert will explain the advantages of iglidur F gears

Consultation regarding iglidur F gears

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