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igus® for engineering offices

Plastics for longer life® -

Increase the service lives of your machines with igus® plastics

To make the use of igus® products even easier and faster for you, this page offers you a selection of tools that will help you in the design and can save you valuable time.

2015 Updates for design offices

the lightest linear guide in the world …*

Everything in plastic now also applies to the drylin® W linear system in size 06.

lubricant … 100 % metal free

The combination of tribologically optimised drylin®W linear guide made of carbon with dry-tech® polymers in the carriage and deflection make the toothed belt axis ZLW-0630-P the first completely metal free toothed belt axis

… carbom easy drive

The structure of the drylin® linear module SAW is based on the lubricant free drylin® W linear guide with a carbon rail profile and a dry-tech® linear carriage.

… light running with 8 rollers

The sliding and rolling system exhibits a convincing performance in many applications which require an easy and low noise adjustment.

... a feed rate of up to 100 mm ...

Efficiency, a long life and quiet running distinguish the dryspin® high helix thread technology.

… miniatur …lift ...swivel

The new drylin® lift/swivel unit is based on a toothedrack drive with coated aluminium 4 square profile

EtherCAT Member ... terms of real-time performance, low costs,flexible topology and easy handling …

3D CAD data in all popular formats

Immediate download; registration not required


For e-chain system®

Faster and simpler designing with file formats for various systems, e.g. Step, DWG, iges, Sat ...


Polymer Bearings

Models for iglidur®, igubal® and drylin® products in formats for various systems, e.g. Step, DWG, iges, Sat ...

Free sample

Try out igus® products in your office

igus® is happy to support your designing task by sending you a free sample. You can order the sample item via the order form or our online catalog.

e-chain systems® and cables - Aids for product selection and configuration

Quickly find the right products, for e-chain system® and cables

Find a chain fast

Answer just two questions ...

e-chain® product finder to quickly find the suitable e-chain®.

Product finder

For Chainflex® cables

The selection via parameters will give you an overview of all relevant chainflex® cables.

Shelving configurator

Filling by drag&drop

Quick and easy filling of e-chains®, with partlist, 3D-CAD, Download, Saving...

Polymer plain bearings - Product selection aid and service life prediction

Quickly find the right product and service life prediction of polymer plain bearings

Find fast

Better bearing, predictable

Find here your best plain bearing solution with accurate service life prediction.

igubal® spherical bearing

Service life calculation

Find here your best spherical bearing solution with accurate service life prediction.

drylin® linear bearing

Service life calculation

Service life prediction and design for drylin® linear plain bearing.

Catalog - Technical data and information on e-chain system®

Ready for shipping in 24 hours e-chain® systems overview

Online catalog

Small, medium or large e-chain® systems, quick to mount, easy to fill, all-rounder, quiet, low-vibration for robots ... and much more.

Ready for shipping in 24 hours chainflex® cables

Inform, select and order online.

Special cables for e-chains®, tested and proven a million times. Quick selection and ordering in catalog.


Ready-to-install e-chain system® for your machines. The complete ready-to-plug-in e-chain system®.

Catalog - Technical data and information on polymer plain bearings

On the following pages, you'll find

Ready for shipping in 24 hours iglidur®

maintenance-free polymer plain bearings

Low wear, high temperatures, food grade or chemical resistance, iglidur® can be used for almost anything.

Ready for shipping in 24 hours igubal® spherical bearings

Self-aligning, maintenance-free spherical bearings

igubal® offers the designer and developer a complete system of self-aligning bearing elements.

Ready for shipping in 24 hours drylin® linear plain bearings

Glides instead of rolling!

Corrosion-free, wear-resistant, lubricant-free, rugged and insensitive to dirt. 100% maintenance-free.

Tools and aids for the use of chainflex® cables

Copper surcharge calculation

By the selection of a cable and entering the cable length, you can calculate the up-to-date copper surcharge here.

Service life prediction

The parameters of travel, bending radius and acceleration give you the service life of the chainflex® cable.

QuickPin 2.0

Online connector-cable configurator

In only 3 minutes select over 750 chainflex® cables and 3,000 connector components, directly order and generate ePLAN electric P8 macro.


e-chain system®, Chainflex® cables and polymer plain bearings

In the following pages, we'd like to introduce to you some practical examples for "plastics for longer life®".

Energy chains applications

Energy chain systems from igus® are in use in different applications.

Polymer bearings applications overview

Polymere bearings application examples overview

Design specifications and technical data

for e-chain system® and polymer plain bearings

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Polymer plain bearings from igus®

iglidur® - the benefits at a glance. Our new dry-tech® sample box allows you to quickly find the matching bearing for your application.

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