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Compared to metal, plastic is a very young material. Metals have been used by people for over 8,000 years. Experience in metalworking has been passed on from generation to generation. Where moving components are concerned, metal is regarded as the safest choice, whereby component lubrication and greasing are accepted as necessary tasks.
But what would it be like if materials for moving parts ...
… did not need to be lubricated and greased?
… were up to 70% lighter?
… functioned in dirt, chemicals and water without any problems?
… did not rust and squeak?
… had a predictable service life and were safe to use?


"I need to completely understand where the difficulty lies ..."

"I love solving problems. I am really pleased if one of our customers can be made happy as a result. Of course, this is only successful if I work very closely with the customer. I need to completely understand where the difficulty lies in order to find an individual solution. Occasionally, such solutions for individuals result in innovations that we add to our catalogue product range. Our customers therefore rely on our team as a driving force in the area of research and development. "
Stefan Niermann, Head of drylin Linear Technology

Stefan Niermann, Head of drylin Linear Technology  

High-performance polymers for motion with a calculable service life

motion plastics products from igus  

Our products have been developed for moving applications and very high levels of stress. They include energy supply products, cables, bearing technology, linear technology, bar stock, 3D printing filaments and low-cost robotics:

  • Long service life 
  • No additional lubrication necessary
  • Up to 70 % lighter than metal products
  • Resistant to dirt, chemicals and  corrosion
  • Insensitive to heat and cold
Would you like to improve one of our products or services? 

Free online tools from igus®  

We continually develop and improve our innovative online tools . The tools make use of research results from the test laboratory and application-related knowledge. This enables our customers to plan their projects progressively, transparently and efficiently.  

  • Reliably calculating the service life of igus products
  • Configuring igus products
  • Simulating igus products
  • Finding suitable products

7 out of 120 innovations for HMI 2019

E4Q/R4Q system

Latest e-chain® generation

E4Q/R4Q is designed to provide the best possible solution for unsupported lengths and long travels. In addition to insights from worldwide applications with the E4.1 series and the resulting optimisation, competitive analysis and customer surveys have been conducted to make the energy chain better, more cable-friendly, easier to assemble and operate, and optionally quieter.

E4Q/R4Q energy chains

iglidur Q2E

Cost-effective heavy-duty bearing

With extreme loads, even high-tech polymers reach their limits.  The new iglidur Q2E therefore has a completely new multi-component design and, as a consequence, is even able to cope with extreme loads.   In addition, thanks to optimised injection moulding technology, it is more cost-effective than comparable resistant fibre composites.   

iglidur Q2E plain bearing

e-skin flat

e-skin flat - fits even into the smallest installation spaces – ideal for the semiconductor industry

The design study e-skin flat was developed to meet customer requirements. The e-skin versions SK28 and SK40 have been developed especially for requirements in cleanrooms for semiconductor and LCD production. The latest igus solution for these special applications is the design study e-skin flat. It is especially low-profile and fits in small installation spaces. It still offers the advantages of modular design and easy filling.

e-skin flat

CFROBOT8.PLUS chainflex

Profinet for all kinds of movement

Profinet cables for all movement types with guaranteed service life. From stock. Tested. Cables of different qualities are available for your various requirements in e-chain applications.


3D printing of gears and racks

Efficient from a quantity of 1 and upwards, and without any tool costs

Individual gears or racks in 1 to 3 days – with improved service life. Achieve almost twice as long a service life with improved tooth root geometry. Matching the gears, the racks can also be easily created in 3D printing, quickly and cost-effectively.

3D printed gear with rack

drylin NT telescopic guide

Telescopic guide for heavy loads and rigidity

Anodised aluminium makes the NT-60 telescopic guide highly resilient while maintaining low weight. Its special design gives it the necessary stiffness, while gliders made of iglidur® high-performance polymers enable maintenance-free use and easy movement.

drylin NT

robolink DP

With integrated control system upon request

This robolink model is available as a 4 or 5-axis robot. It is designed for a payload of up to 30N and has a range of 790mm. The cycle times are less than 6 seconds. Upon request, the robolink DP is equipped with motor encoders. Drive encoders are also possible. Bearing support of the individual axes has been optimised for this model, ensuring less backlash.

robolink DP


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