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Lead screw stepper motors drylin® E - ready to ship within 24 hours

Stand-alone solution with or without encoder

The drylin E lead screw motor product range is the optimum solution for systems that need a stepper motor with integrated lead screw. The stepper motors are compact and available with or without encoder. The lead screw is precisely centred. In combination with the dryspin high helix thread technology, the system has a long service life.

Lead screw motor NEMA 11

Installation size NEMA 11

  • Flange dimension: 28mm
  • Holding torque: 0.1Nm
  • Shaft load axial: 50N

Buy NEMA 11 lead screw motor
Lead screw motor NEMA 17

Installation size NEMA 17

  • Flange dimension: 42mm
  • Holding torque: 0.5Nm
  • Shaft load axial: 100N

Buy NEMA 17 lead screw motor
Lead screw motor NEMA 17

Installation size NEMA 23

  • Flange dimension: 56mm
  • Holding torque: 2.0Nm
  • Shaft load axial: 500N

Buy NEMA 23 lead screw motor

The product finder for electric linear drives

Find the right lead screw motor and linear system in only a few steps

Assemble the suitable lead screw stepper motor quickly and easily in just a few steps with our linear system. Simply configure with the online tool, request and at the same time calculate the service life of the system.  

Find stepper motor & linear system
drylin E product finder - lead screw stepper motor and linear drive

Motor drive for drylin® E

  • Planetary gearbox
  • Increased motor torque
  • Higher holding torque of a brake
  • Three installation sizes
  • Reduction of 3 & 5 available

Motor drive for drylin® E motors
Stepper motor drive drylin E

dryve D1 motor control system

A simple and intuitive browser-based user interface, extensive functionality with the option of remote control via Ethernet (Intranet) or bus systems - dryve is the simple motor control system from igus for your linear guide system.

  • Control possible via laptop, tablet or smartphone
  • Suitable for all drylin E axes
  • For DC, EC and stepper motors
  • Communication by means of CANopen, Ethernet and digital inputs and outputs
  • Compatible with many industrial control systems
  • Cost-effective

Buy dryve D1 motor control system
Motor control system dryve D1 for stepper motors, direct-current motors and EC motors


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