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Accurate dart board

TU Munich

Project team:

Andreas Schmidt, Stefan Braunreuther, Sabine Öllerer, Martin Platter, Patrick Haberstroh, Inge Anthuber, Johannes Book, Thomas Pramsohler


Development of a dart board design in which the flight path of the dart can be calculated. The dart board should respond so fast and precise that every throw should hit the mark.

Always on the mark - Plastic bearings for young engineers of the TU Munich.

The idea to design an "accurate dart board" that enables every throw to be on the mark has been successfully implemented by the students of the TU Munich. In the multifunctional implementation, the following chairs participated: information technology in the mechanical engineering, machine tools and science of

management as well as image understanding and knowledge-based systems. The necessary actuators, which guaranteed the fast and precise movement of the dart board, was executed by lubrication-free plain and linear bearings from igus®. "Every dart actually hits the mark.

Even at high speed and intensive utilization, we can completely rely on the high performance linear guides and bearings from igus®. An ideal solution for us," reports Patrick Haberstroh, the person in charge of the actuators.

Bearing bushes made of the low-friction, low-wear "iglidur® J" material and especially light carbon fiber shafts withstand the high loads. There are altogether four bushings and two shafts in the application.
Open day at the TU Munich: Engineering students beside the "Accurate Dart Board" they developed. The invention was also presented at the trade fairs, Vision (Stuttgart) and PS/IPC/Drives (Nuremberg).

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