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Application of plastic bearings in a shooting range

Polymer bearings surpass expectations in the application in high-performance core shooters.

Despite sand, dust and chemicals, polymer plain bearings function flawlessly in guide units of high-performance core shooters and in the process replace the solid guide units with bronze bushings.

Purchase and maintenance costs are significantly reduced and a lubrication of the guide elements is not required.
In this plant there is a high-performance rotary core shooter required for making sand cores. For the production of cores, mixed and prepared sand is shot with compressed air in a core box. In the previous application, bronze guide bushings were used as solid guide units.
Casting machines are exposed to high loads through sand, dust and chemicals and should be moved at very high speed. In these load conditions, plastic plain bearings have proved their worth by reducing the wear by "zero" and preventing machine downtimes.

Main criteria for the application

Lower manufacturing costs

Discontinuation of maintenance

Increase in machine availability

Enhancement of technical performance

Increase in service life

Higher quality

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