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igus® Ltd.

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Universal joints made of bearing components

manus® 2007

The universal joint presented here is, contrary to the common universal/cardan joints, not only designed for the transmission of torsional forces. It can carry both axial push/pull forces and torsional forces. In order to achieve an optimal function of the entire kinematics, it is urgently necessary that all elements participating in the movement function constantly free of clearance. As no freedom of clearance can be guaranteed in the use of roller bearings in this installation size, the mounting of the universal joints had to be done by plain bearing components.

In order to attain a high holding time, it is imperative to compensate for the unavoidable wear of plain bearings without having to put up with the corresponding stick-slip effects at the same time. The operating time, during which the used iglidur® bearings work free of clearance, could be raised from an initial 200,000 cycles to several million.

Norbert Wenzel, Faude Automatisierung GmbH, Gaertringen

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