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igus® Ltd.

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Secure under high forces

Silver manus® 2009

Helix3D hip joint system

This newly developed prosthetic hip for hip amputees compensates for a large part of the missing muscles and reduces the amount of energy required when walking. With standard prostheses, patients have to lift their prosthetic leg high with their good side in order not to catch carpet edges or other obstacles. Helix3D enables a cushioned and controlled gait as well as a harmonious roll-over on the foot under full load. This is possible because the system, unlike standard prostheses, creates a three-dimensional movement.
The forces occurring in the prosthesis under oscillating motion must be reliably transferred without a noticeable increase in play. For this purpose, 4 bearings made of iglidur® Z were used on the two main axes. The prerequisite for using the iglidur® plain bearings included the high wear resistance.

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Winner of manus® 2009

manus® Gold: Low wear and resilient

Low wear and resilient by using polymer plain bearings.

manus® Bronze: Over 170,000 Euro of benefits

Over 170,000 Euro of benefits were able to be achieved by using polymer plain bearings

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