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Solar pillow blocks for square tubes

Now also available for edge lengths 100 and 140

Dimensional range addition of proven ESQM pillow blocks bearings.
After 110 x 110mm and 120 x 120mm, now also for 100 x 100mm and 140 x 140m square tubes.

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Tech up

Tech up

  • Absorption of high static (wind) loads (up to 50kN)
  • Angular compensation with spherical bearing (up to 9°)

Cost down

Cost down

  • Lubrication-free, therefore no maintenance required
  • Simple and quick assembly



  • Guaranteed service life of 25 years (72 years almost wear-free, simulated in the igus® laboratory at 1.5 tonnes)
  • Static radial load: 50 kN at 0°, 25 kN at 9° angular compensation



  • No environmental pollution from lubricants
  • Energy-efficient production because construction is entirely of injection-moulded plastic parts

Cost-effective and lubrication-free mounting of solar panels

We have developed pillow block bearings for square tubes

ESQM pillow block bearings enable the mounting of solar panels that are constructed with square tubes of different edge lengths. In many projects, ESQM-110 and ESQM-120 for 110 or 120mm edge length have already proven their worth. Now we also deliver ESQM-100 for 100mm edge length, from stock.
The cost-effective pillow block bearings are UV-resistant, corrosion-free and particularly resistant to dirt. The bearings also enable alignment compensation, e.g. for unevenness in the substrate. The service life as well as the load capacity (also due to wind loads) have been successfully tested.

Solar pillow block bearings

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