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chainflex® CFSPECIAL cable package for Top-Drive systems in the e-loop

New at SPS 2020

The right cable package consisting of motor, data & hybrid cable for your Top-Drive system

For the energy chain e-loop, a high-quality, modular family of cables is being created that are exactly matched to this application and guarantee maximum durability.
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The e-loop is the problem solver for all hanging applications in extremely adverse environmental conditions. This e-chain has been specially designed and built to replace service loops on drilling rigs.  It is shock-resistant, maintains a fixed bend radius and can be opened along its entire length. Cables are individually strain-relieved at the ends to ensure modularity during maintenance.
With the new CFSPECIAL.5xx cables, there is now finally a suitable range of cables in the chainflex catalogue, which can save a further 35% in costs when purchased from this single igus source.  
Tech up

Tech up

  • Harmonisation with all components of the Top-Drives for optimum fit in connector and chain
  • As standard products quickly available for repairs and retrofits
Cost down

Cost down

  • Reduction of costs by approx. 35% due to waiving the need to manufacture one-off products for projects.
  • 36-month guarantee


  • Extremely high load capacity through the use of high-strength tensile elements proven in tests with over 15,000% over DIN VDE 0298.


  • Due to on-demand delivery, excessive cable waste is avoided
  • Possibility of repairing the entire system leads to longer use of the entire energy supply system

Here is the complete new CFSPECIAL.5xx product range

Individual cores:
Part No.Number of cores and conductor nominal cross section Outer diameterCopper indexWeight  
CFSPECIAL.572.700.01(1x70)Cupon requestupon requestupon request order
CFSPECIAL.572.2400.01(1x240)C31,525812871 order
CFSPECIAL.572.3000.01  (1x300)C34,031893553 order
CFSPECIAL.572.4000.01(1x400)C37,542694704 order

Data cable:
Part No.Number of cores and conductor nominal cross sectionOuter diameterCopper indexWeight  
CFSPECIAL.532.15.08.02(8x(2x1.5)C)C30,05131014 order
CFSPECIAL.532.15.16.02(16x(2x1,5)C)C36,59791659 order

Hybrid cable:
Part No.Number of cores and conductor nominal cross sectionOuter diameterCopper indexWeight  
CFSPECIAL.592.001(30G4.0+4x(2x2.5)C)C44,017502735 order

Which energy supply system makes sense for top drive systems?

Modular e-loop energy chain system

The oil and gas business is not an easy one, especially in the so-called upstream production and extraction sector. Driven by the oil price, plant today has to work more and more efficiently to survive in the market.  The energy supply system at the centrepiece of the plant, the TopDrive, plays a decisive role in its efficiency. For older installations, the energy supply system must be as easy to maintain as possible and be cost-effective. For new systems, the energy supply system must correspond to the degree of automation of the system, based on the time factor.
To guide cables safely in hanging applications, igus has developed thee-loop as an alternative to the service loop - ideally suited for three-dimensional applications.  The e-loop combines the advantages of a polymer energy chain with those of a high-strength pull rope. Inside the chain, the pull rope transfers the pull force to the mounting brackets and the structure. As a result, the cables are kept completely free of strain.  The modular e-chain made of high-performance polymer always enables a defined bend radius and easily copes with vibrations and impacts.
Learn all about e-loop here

White paper: cable guiding in vertical drilling rigs

A newly developed alternative to the service loops on vertical drilling rigs offers significantly longer service life under extremely unfavourable environmental conditions.
In this white paper, you can find the following topics:

  • Application areas of the e-loop 
  • State of the art in the service loop
  • Crash test for energy chains

Project planning

Project planning Tailored solutions apart from the product catalogue for special applications.
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36-month chainflex guarantee

chainflex guarantee We issue a 36-month guarantee on our cables with confidence, as we are able to make reliable predictions about the service life of our cables due to over 30 years of experience and 700 concurrently undertaken experiments in our 3,800 m² test laboratory.
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readychain complete system

RC complete solution Everything from a single source! Harnessing time decreases by up to 95%
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