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chainflex® shipping drum

Reduce costs in delivery, storage space & reordering

... with the new chainflex® CASE – ship'n store by igus®

The greatest potential is often in the details. The new chainflex® CASE – ship'n store by igus allows you to save at multiple levels: 

  • In delivery by standard shipping
  • In terms of storage costs through direct "unreeling" from the shipping carton without the cost of expensive storage systems
  • In process costs through fast & mobile online ordering

Specifically, this chainflex storage logistics innovation consists of clever shipping packaging for cables sold by the metre, which greatly simplifies the cable handling process. The box can be sent by standard shipping, which reduces the shipping costs enormously.
The shipment can then be placed directly at the use or storage location without additional intermediate steps because the cables can be unreeled directly from the packaging. It is also possible to stack several chainflex cases, as the special construction of the chainflex shipping drum has been specially designed for modular stackability.
And finally, the QR code on the shipping label can be used to re-order the desired goods online via a mobile end device.  

Tech up

Tech up

  • The label with QR code for the product page makes re-ordering 60% faster 
  • Simple unreeling directly from the box
  • Simple storage – stack up to three cartons directly at the place of use

Cost down

Cost down

  • 84% more cost-effective with standard shipment
  • Delivery within one to two business days with standard delivery
  • No storage system or drum unreeler necessary



  • Online cost comparison: €3.20 with standard shipping compared to €20.00 with a haulage company



  • Standard shipment conserves resources
  • Manufactured from reusable materials

Introduction of the new chainflex CASE at the real igus trade show stand in Cologne

7 types of waste

Reduce waste with the chainflex® shipping drum

Lean management is an approach to continuous process optimisation. It includes the efficient design of the entire value chain. Using various methods, procedures and principles of thought, it pursues the goal of harmonising processes and producing a holistic production system without waste (lean production).
The focus is thereby on value-added activities for which the customer pays. In everyday work, however, actions that cannot contribute to the increase in value or even cause additional costs are performed. This is often the result of inefficient processes, which can lead to waiting times, unnecessary communication and complicated work steps, as can be seen in the adjacent diagram. This is where the new chainflex case comes in, allowing the customer to focus on his value-adding activities, because it significantly reduces costly processes in transport and ordering.

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Sold by the metre chainflex

The chainflex cables are cables for moving applications in energy chains or for robot applications, dependable with a 36-month guarantee. All cables can be ordered from us as standard, from 1m without cutting charge or minimum quantity surcharges.

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36-month chainflex guarantee

chainflex guarantee

We issue a 36 month guarantee on our chainflex cables with confidence, as we are able to make reliable predictions about the service life of our cables due to over 30 years of experience and 700 parallel running test trials in our 3,800 m² test laboratory. This is supported by UL, an international testing organisation.

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igus e-chains from the market leader


Energy chains are mechanical machine elements. They are there to guide and protect energy, data and signals that have to withstand the most diverse environmental influences. The decisive factor here is the symbiosis of the components moving against each other.


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