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Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) - now also for e-chains

PUR bus cable with Single Pair Ethernet technology

Single Pair Ethernet technology (SPE) is the key to smart industrial automation, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). For the first time, this enables uniform, space and cost-efficient Ethernet communication, including the "last metre" from the cloud via the switch cabinet to the machine.
Single Pair Ethernet describes the transmission of Ethernet (1000Base-T1) via only two pair of copper wires and enables both data transmission via Ethernet and simultaneous power supply (PoDL).  This technological leap leads to a reduction of the diameter by approx. 25% compared to an ordinary Ethernet cable.
These significant savings in installation space and the associated weight reduction of SPE cable now opens up completely new possibilities and fields of application for Industrial Ethernet.  

Tech up

Tech up

  • This allows continuous Ethernet communication, including the "last metre" (from the control cabinet to the machine)
  • Cable 25% thinner than that of CAT5e with the same data transmission rate
  • Reliably design cable service life online

Cost down

Cost down

  • Installation spaces can be 25% smaller than CFBUS.PUR.045
  • Costs are 20% lower than those of a four-paired CAT5e cable (CFBUS.PUR.045)
  • Up to 36-month guarantee





  • Reduced material usage (46% less) for cable manufacture
  • Energy consumption for moving applications 50% less than that of CFBUS.PUR.045

Long service life of CFBUS.PUR.042 guaranteed by extensive testing
Reduction in size of cable and connector creates extra space even in the smallest e-chains series.  In contrast to the current BUS systems, the significantly increased data transmission rate with simultaneous reduction of the diameter will also allow the cost-effective connection of sensors with high data volumes in the future. The user doesn't have to forego quality in the process. The oil-resistant and flame-retardant CFBUS.PUR.042 has been extensively tested in the 3,800 square metre test laboratory . As with all of the over 1,354 cables in the extensive product range, for the online predictable Single Pair Ethernet cable, the customer will also receive a guarantee of 10 million double strokes or up to 36 months.
SPE is therefore a real alternative to other bus systems in applications with small bend radii and small installation spaces, such as industrial camera applications or position or monitoring sensors.  Such camera vision systems primarily serve as detection and positioning systems.  Until now, such sensors had to be connected in the field via bus interfaces with 4 or 8-core Ethernet cable. With SPE, each sensor can be directly integrated into the superordinate control level.

Introduction of the new chainflex SPE cable
SPE logo

The SPE Industrial Partner Network

igus continues to advance SPE together with strong partners

Single Pair Ethernet is the infrastructure foundation that makes IIoT and Industry 4.0 possible. In order to promote Single Pair Ethernet technology for the rapidly growing IIoT market, igus is participating in the SPE Industrial Partner Networks with other strong partners such as HARTING or TE Connectivity.  
For the reliable establishment of the entire future SPE ecosystem, standards for transmission protocols, cabling and device components are also jointly developed and adopted and published in IEEE 802.3 and IEC SC46C.  
In this way, the new cable could also be constructed in partnership for the T1 connector interface. As a result, the durable shield has reliable transference to the connector, ensuring optimal high electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). The combination of chainflex cable and SPE connector is extremely robust: igus uses a highly abrasion-resistant and notch-resistant PUR jacket, and the connector has tough metal latches with a PCB socket.

Online shop for bus cables

Bus cable

In addition to SPE, chainflex bus cables are also available for all other industrial bus systems such as Profinet, Ethernet, CAN bus or CC-Link. Depending on the cable family, they can be used for torsion resistance, tight radii, or particularly long travels and high speeds.

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Up to 36-month chainflex guarantee

chainflex guarantee

In addition to the SPE cables, we give an up to 36-month guarantee on all our chainflex cables in good faith, because with over 30 years of experience in our 3,800 m² large test laboratory and 700 parallel running test trials, we can make reliable predictions about the service life of our cables.

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Energy chains are mechanical machine elements. They are there to guide and protect energy, data and signals that have to withstand the most diverse environmental influences. The decisive factor here is the symbiosis of the components moving against each other.


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