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Linear module SHTC-08 with lead screw motor

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linear module  

The SHTC is the compact version of the smallest SHT type series. In addition to manual adjustment, the SHTC-08 can be motor-operated with the NEMA17 lead screw motor. The direct centring of the lead screw offers a high precision, higher machine reliability, all in a compact design.

Short design by the use of drylin® E lead screw motors

Improved operating characteristics

High precision due to centring of the lead screw via H7/h7 motor/lead screw fitting

NEMA17 stepper motor with 0.5 Nm holding torque

Selectable pitch Tr06x2, Ds6.35x2.54 or Ds6.35x25.4

Typical applications:Medicine, laboratory technology, packaging technology, …

Linear module dimensions  
Technical data
Part Number Stroke length Max. stat. load capacity    
  [mm] axial [N] radial [N]    
 SHTC-08-ZB 300 100 360 Upon request 
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Dimensions [mm]
Order number A Al H E1 E2 E3 l R f lt tk ts tg
  -0,3 -0,3   ±0,15 ±0,15 ±0,15            
 SHTC-08-ZB 65 36 23 52 55 26 96 32 1.5 15.5 10 5.5 M6
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Part Number kt s sk sg kq d T l2 d2 ha
  ±0,1             standard    
 SHTC-08-ZB 7 4.2 8 M5 4.6 8 6/6,35 17 6/6,35 13
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