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Lubrication-free bearing made easy ... drylin® linear technology

Change your bearing now! drylin® linear bearings are up to 40% more cost-effective than recirculating ball bearing guides and 100% lubrication-free

A linear system from igus® may only consist of 1% plastic. But it is exactly this one per cent that makes all the difference. The difference in terms of noise, weight and speed. Many different rail geometries and types of bearing, as pure linear guide or with drive and motor: the drylin® W linear system gives you maximum freedom of technical design. New products include the J200 replacement bearing for clever maintenance and 24/7 operation, the cost-effective delta robot for automatic assembly tasks and much, much more. Tested and proven service life. Available immediately with online service life calculators.

News highlights

drylin® W Exchange

The first linear housing where the liner on the rail can be changed.

drylin® GRR

Self-lubricating and maintenance-free drive technology drylin® GRR with direct drive via rack.