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Lubrication-free bearing made easy ... xiros® polymer ball bearing

Change your bearing now! Save 60% weight and 40% costs

Lubrication-free, lighter and more cost-effective – these are just some of the advantages of our xiros® polymer ball bearings. You can implement more and more applications with these solutions. This is proven by our tests under realistic conditions in the industry's largest laboratory for plastics in motion. In the new, completely refurbished xiros® web shop, just a few clicks take you to your desired solution from the huge standard product range of lubrication-free polymer ball bearings. Available immediately with online service life calculator.

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xiros® expert for guide rollers

The new xiros® expert for guide rollers presents itself in a lean, user-friendly design. Based on your required dimensions and specified application parameters, the tool selects suitable xiros® guide rollers for you and calculates the expected deflection as well as the weight.  

Enclosed xiros® guide rollers

Enclosed xiros® guide rollers for dirt-resistant operation are consisting of roller tube and polymer ball bearings

Closed design


Tool-free installation

Dimensions according to customer request

pillow block bearing xiros® S180

like for like' replacement possible

The new xiros® S180 flange bearing with standard dimensions.

1:1 substitute for standard flange bearings

Suitable for common shaft diameters

Enclosed xiros® guide rollers