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Low-cost robotic joint for service-robotics tasks

Injection-moulded components make the robolink® ReBeL joint a cost-effective flyweight.

With the ReBeL series, igus® introduces for the first time low-cost robotics strain wave gears at HMI 2018, with which 6 DOF robots, i.e. with six axes, can be implemented. This prototype was created in collaboration with the company Commonplace Robotics GmbH and is fundamentally different to the previous robolink® joints: Instead of stepper motors, light, brushless direct current motors (BLDC motors), which already belong to the state of the art in service robotics, are used.

No control cabinet necessary

Due to their small size, the space-saving BLDC motors can be installed in the strain wave gear of a robolink® joint. The control electronics system is also built into the axes and thus renders an external switch cabinet superfluous. Cable guidance can take place in the arm, the result being that the outer contours of the robot are smooth. There are also plans to equip the new joints in future with absolute encoders that facilitate your work by saving the position of the arm in the event of a power failure.

robolink® ReBeL joint robolink® ReBeL joint with BLDC motor and strain wave gear

Areas of application for the robolink® ReBeL

robolink® ReBeL joints can be used for tasks in the workplace and in the private sector. The ReBeL joints are particularly suitable for mobile applications in which a robotic arm is mounted on a moving platform. The following examples are typical areas of application:

mobile applications

In combination with the Alexa voice assistant

Collection and delivery services

Pick & place tasks

Loading and unloading dishwashers

Typical areas of application:
Pick and place, service robotics, Cobots, assembly assistance, automation

Robotic arm with robolink® ReBeL joints Exemplary construction of a robotic arm with robolink® ReBeL joints.

Technical data
Outer Ø 80 mm
L1 46 mm
L26 9 mm
Weight 320 g
V logic 5V
V motor 24 V

Technical data
Outer Ø 105 mm
L1 49 mm
L26 2 mm
Weight 430 g
V logic 5V
V motor 24 V

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