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New material for exposure to continuous direct sunshine: iglidur® J UV

Advanced material - improved UV resistance

Today, bearings appear not only in the form of simple bushings but also as special forms for special uses, in some instances of which they are exposed to UV radiation for long periods of time. igus® has therefore developed a new material: iglidur® J UV. The tribological properties such as friction and wear of the new black material are comparable to those of the very wear-resistant standard material iglidur® J. Initially, a range of standard bearings with and without flange for a shaft diameter of up to 20 mm will be available. Bearings made of iglidur® J UV are available upon request in all previous standard dimensions of iglidur® J as well as in individually designed special geometries.

iglidur® J UV plain bearing  


Long-term mechanical properties improved

Extremely wear-resistant

Friction and wear comparable to that of iglidur® J

Available in all the standard dimensions of iglidur® J upon request

Typical application areas:Solar industry, outdoor applications in general

Technical properties

General properties
Density 1.49 g/cm³
Colour black
Max. moisture absorption at +23°C and 50% r.h. 0.3% weight.
Max. water absorption 1.3% weight.
Electrical properties
Specific volume resistance > 1013 Ω cm
Surface resistance > 1012 Ω cm
Mechanical properties
Shore-D hardness 74
Max. recommended surface pressure 35 MPa
Thermal properties
Max. long-term application temperature +90°C
Max. short-term application temperature +120°C
Lower application temperature -50°C

Sleeve bearing (Form S)
Part No. d1 d1 tolerance d2 b1
 JUVSM-0608-08 6 +0.020 +0.068 8 8 Upon request 
 JUVSM-0810-12 8 +0.020 +0.068 10 12 Upon request 
 JUVSM-1012-12 10 +0.025 +0.083 12 12 Upon request 
 JUVSM-1214-12 12 +0.032 +0.102 14 12 Upon request 
 JUVSM-1618-15 16 +0.032 +0.102 18 15 Upon request 
 JUVSM-2023-20 20 +0.040 +0.124 23 20 Upon request 
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Flange bearings (Form F)
Part No. d1 d1 tolerance d2 d3 b1
 JUVFM-0608-08 6 +0.020 +0.068 8 12 8 1 Upon request 
 JUVFM-0810-09 8 +0.020 +0.068 10 15 9.5 1 2.34 USD 
 JUVFM-1012-12 10 +0.025 +0.083 12 18 12 1 Upon request 
 JUVFM-1214-12 12 +0.032 +0.102 14 20 12 1 Upon request 
 JUVFM-1618-17 16 +0.032 +0.102 18 24 17 1 Upon request 
 JUVFM-2023-21 20 +0.040 +0.124 23 30 21.5 1.5 Upon request 
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Delivery times  
Delivery time

From stock
(3 weeks for first delivery)

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