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Light robot e-chain® with snap-open links; large size

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The robot e-chains® of the triflex® TRCF/TRLF family are characterised by considerably simplified installation and cable filling. As the chain links can be snapped open by hand or with a screw driver, larger cable or hose diameters can be inserted more easily. The TRLF versions, which compared to the TRCF series are still lighter have a new size:125. Thus, triflex® TRCF are available in sizes: 65, 85 ,100 and triflex® TRLF are available in sizes: 65, 85, 100 and 125.

Simply flip open manually or use the screwdriver for large, stiff hoses and/or many cables

Torsion of approx. ±10°/chain link is possible

Lightweight and cost-effective

Can be shortened or lengthened as required

Defined minimum bend radius

igumid G material for improved stability

Typical applications:Robotics, multi-axis movements


Dimensions [mm]

Part. No. Inner width External width Links per m Bend radii
Bi Ba R
TRLF.65.100.0 65 70,2 44 100 Request
TRLF.65.100.0 87,5 94,5 32 135 | 240 Request
TRLF. 100.145. 0 100 108 29 145 Request
TRLF.65.100.0 125 135 23 182 Request

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