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Chemical accident robot

The long years of advanced study of the students, Michael Bauß, Jörg Schauß, Christoph von Rüden and Andreas Espenschied, at the technical college for automation technology in Mainz are over.

The team decided on the construction of a robot as the final project. The objective of the design was the replacement of fire department personnel by robots in case of an accident, for instance at a chemical plant.

With the emphasis on automation technology, the team came up with something entirely special. With the aid of an integrated sensor technology, the radio-controlled robot is in a position to convey data from the accident spot. This enables a targeted procedure for rescue operations. The robot can be coordinated at the accident spot through infrared and built-in cameras. An integrated gripper arm can additionally take sample materials and also remove objects from the way.

Chemical accident robot  Chemical accident robot

The project team decided on the support of the igus® GmbH. The iglidur®- and igubal®-bearings convinced the students by their low weight and very low coefficients of friction in dry operation. "The simple installation of the products was also an important criterion," says Andreas Espenschied.

Andreas Espenschied Andreas Espenschied

Main tasks:

Construction and installation of the carriage and the 6-axis robotic arm

Technical documentation with 3D CAD system SolidWorks

Manufacture of the required turning and milling parts with CNC machines

Programming of the sensor system on the model; creation of the home page


Christoph von Rüden Christoph von Rüden

Main tasks:

Design and development of the electronics for activation of drive axles, carriage, camera and 6-axis robotic arm

Wiring of the model

Programming of the robotic arm


Jörg Schauß Jörg Schauß

Main tasks:

Monitoring in the control panel

Installation, configuration and initial operation of the network components

Programming of the carriage

Creation of the home page


Michael Bauß Michael Bauß

Main tasks:

Construction and installation of the 6-axis robotic arm

Construction and installation of the WLAN camera

Lighting, special FX

Programming of the camera control and the revolver magazine


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