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igus® Ltd.

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Extendable brake flap

manus® 2005

"A reputed European aircraft company tests the jet engines of passenger planes to be delivered at its Hamburg location. For the event of a brake malfunction at maximum thrust, the airplanes are additionally secured by large steel brake flaps on the base. The brake flaps with an individual weight of about 350 kg are extended from the concrete base with a drive mechanism. For the main bearing of this drive mechanism, igus® bearings with flange of the iglidur® HFM - 6065 - 50 type were used. These bearings appeared to us to be particularly ideal for the specified application, as they are resistant to water, dirt and temperature and also maintenance-free. In addition they offer us adequate clearances for the expected surface pressures. ”

Frank Schröder, High-End Engineering, Wolfsburg

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