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igus® materials in the test versus PTFE foils significantly more wear-resistant

Wear of machine parts depends on diverse influence factors. Thus designers are often confronted with the challenge of deciding between various material alternatives. With regard to wear behavior, igus® has now also compared its bar stock material iglidur® A160, as well as its tribo tape material iglidur® V400 on various counter partners with PTFE foils.
The trials were executed under the following test parameters:

Foils: iglidur® A160, iglidur® V400, and PTFE

Counter partners: Stainless steel, glass (in this case: Soda-lime glass, PET, and paper

Load: 10 N

Speed: 0,22 m/s

Temperature: 23℃

iglidur® versus PTFE foil
Wear test Title: Rotating wear – foil test stand F=10 N, v= 0.22 m/s, T=23°C
x-axis: Counter partners (1.4305, soda-lime glass, PET, paper)
y-axis: Mass wear (mg/km)


The tests with the PTFE foil show an extremely high rate of wear against all counter partners. Compared with the PTFE foil, the two materials, iglidur® A160 and iglidur® V400, show a significantly lower coefficient of wear, see diagram 1 and 2.

More information:

Bar stock made of iglidur® A160

iglidur® A160 by the unit for free design. More wear resistant in comparison with the PTFE foil

Wear resistant at high temperatures

Extreme wear resistance with soft shafts and in high temperatures up to +200°C

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