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Inspection device for offshore drilling riser

manus® 2005

"When drilling for oil and gas, the so-called "drilling risers" is used in the off-shore sector as connecting elements between the drilling platform and the seabed. The application of the risers in aggressive media and under high mechanical loads with correspondingly extreme stressing capacity (corrosion, abrasion, erosion, deformations, etc.) demands a regular intensive inspection of the riser on the grounds of safety and environmental protection.

The present inspection device semi-automatically scans the entire interior of the extremely stressed main pipe of the riser in just one work step. The pins of the articulated joints are mounted on "GFM-0810-05" polymer plain bearings. The bearings reliably transmit the high radial centering forces with low friction and free of stick-slip and minimize the arm system's friction through their integrated start-up. The core pieces of the sensor adjustment are guide systems and tie rods. Every individual sensor is installed on an own drylin® NK-02-27 miniature guide system. The gliding carriage is connected to the central adjustment by an adjustable tie rod. The tie rods consist of rod end bearings with right- and/or left-hand threads, EBRM-05 and EBLM-05. GERMK-05 clevis joints serve on both sides as spherical bearing.

The described inspection device reduces the time need and expenditure to a considerable extent compared to a conventionally undertaken inspection. At the same time, the quality and significance of the inspection are optimized. Overall, a high effectiveness and economy are guaranteed. ”

Reinhald Kammann / Manfred Worms, Turboscope Vecto (Deutschland) GmbH, Celle

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