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igus® Ltd.

Caswell Road

Northampton, NN4 7PW

01604 677240

Telemark ski binding

The company produces high-end telemark ski bindings and has been in business for over 12 years. Five years ago it developed telemark bindings, which were always breaking and failing. A sturdy, maintenance-free product was able to be achieved using the iglidur® plastic bearings.

The criteria were:

Small overall profile and small size. Must fit in tight and limited space. Light weight, as this winter sport relies on light sports equipment.

Must match the service life of the overall product or be easy to replace.

Material with high tensile strength that can withstand high impact loads

Low moisture absorption in order to comply with tolerance in damp conditions

Application for extremely low temperatures

Easy and quick to install with simple fasteners and tools

Can be used for different shafts used

Low costs

The iglidur® bearings were the only ones to fulfill every requirement. iglidur® W300 is used in the articulated joint, for which there are only two bindings per set. The articulated joint allows the skier's boot to rise and fall with every turn. The iglidur® J bearings were used in the rear housing, whereby there are two rear housings per set of bindings. The failure of the product during its use can lead to a health risk or even to the death of the user, which is why it is of the utmost importance that the moving parts function properly.
"The iglidur® series of bearings has worked without any problem over the last three winters, and we had no failures with them. Hundreds of skiers worldwide now used the product with confidence, for a large part due to the iglidur® bearings." says the company boss.

Telemark ski binding

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