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iglidur® L350: New material in test for ventilators, fans, and motors

With iglidur® L350 igus®, has developed an extremely durable material which, thanks to its coefficients of friction and wear is ideally suited for use in electric motors, fans and household appliances. Among other things, the coefficient of friction and the degree of rotational wear were tested in a high-speed test rig. In the test, the new material was tested and compared to classic metallic and polymer plain bearings. Developed for optimum coefficients of friction and wear at speeds of 1.5 m/s and more, iglidur® L350 considerably outperforms competing bearings in fast rotational applications. With a 50% lower price as compared to the iglidur® L500, it is also a significantly more cost-effective alternative.

Rotating coefficient of friction approximately Cf53

P = 0.5 MPa, T = 23°C
iglidur® L350 coefficient of friction

A= coefficient of friction   B= speed [m/s]
C= plain bearing sintered bronze   D= iglidur® L350   E= iglidur® L500


Rotating wear approximately Cf53

P = 0,25 MPa, T = 23°C
iglidur® L350 wear test

A= iglidur® J   B= plain bearing sintered bronze   C= iglidur® L350   iglidur® L500


Quick, lubrication-free and cost-effective ...

iglidur® L350: New material for ventilators, fans and motors

Quick, lubrication-free and cost-effective ...    

… lubrication-free endurance runner

Specially developed for fast continuous operation under low loads, iglidur® L500, inter alia, is intended for fan and electric motor applications.

… lubrication-free endurance runner    

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