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Wear test for customers

The wear of three different pre-selected iglidur® plain bearings was measured for a customer at an igus® test facility. It was necessary as a first step to find a material similar to that of the provided shaft.
The wear test was carried out under the following parameters:Plain bearing: iglidur® W300, iglidur® G, iglidur® P
counter partner (shaft material): Cf53 (1050) hard chrome plated
Movement type: pivoting
Swivel angle: 60°
Load: 15 MPa
Speed: 0.01 m/s
Lubrication: dry

Wear test for customers Medium-load pivot test set-up in the dry-tech® laboratory.
Wear test for customers Wear rates (μm/km) of iglidur® W300, iglidur® G and iglidur® P on a hard chromed Cf53 shaft. Load: 15 MPa, speed 0.01 m/s, swivel angle 60°


The tests showed a result of an average wear rate of 23.11 µm/km for the iglidur® W300 bearings, of 28.42 µm/km for iglidur® G plain bearings and of 102.86 µm/km for the iglidur® P plain bearings respectively. With a wear rate of 23.11 μm/km, the iglidur® W300 plain bearings have the lowest wear in the final result.

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