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Robot joints from igus® - modular, lightweight and low maintenance

The product range of robolink® includes among other things the robot joints. These movable connection points between the robot arm links are manufactured by igus® from high-performance plastics and can be purchased individually in the online shop. They are suitable for industrial use. The robot joints from igus® are particularly favoured for robot arms for quality control or sorting. Due to the freedom from lubrication, the joints are particularly low maintenance and can withstand very high application cycles.
Lubrication-free in different sizesThe robolink® joints are lubrication-free and are suitable for robot arms with two to six DOF (degrees of freedom). The igus® robot joint is available in three different sizes. Other robotics accessories such as energy chains, cables or hoses are also available in our online shop or upon request for individual parts.
All joints of the robolink® series are modular. This means that the joints can be extended as required and integrated into existing systems.
The benefits at a glance:

  • Impact-resistant
  • Lubrication-free and resistant to dirt
  • Lightweight construction
  • Freely combinable due to the modular approach

Applications with robolink® industrial robots

robolink® robot joint – light, compact and lubrication-free
The plastic robot joints have free rotation and pivoting properties. Directly driven robolink® joints, which are equipped with an igus® plastic worm gear or strain wave gear , ensure a load capacity of up to 3 kilograms.

As a result, turning and pivoting movements can be combined in one joint. The plastic gear has a direct connection to the motor. Available with up to five axes, the robolink® robot scores high with lightweight, modular and lubrication-free specifications.
You have the choice between igus® joints with robolink® worm gears or robot strain wave gear joints. The joints are available with or without motor. For standard selection, we offer the stepper motor NEMA17, NEMA23 or the stepper motor NEMA23XL.
robolink® robot joints
igus® offers a wide range of solution systems in the field of robot joints: 

  • robolink® D Standard robot joint
  • robolink® D Low-Cost robot joint
  • robolink® D High End robot joint
  • robolink® D robot joint
The robolink® components are available in various installation sizes (20, 30, 50), symmetrical, asymmetrical or as gearbox versions.


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