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Fifth vector award ...
...for audaciously inventive energy supply solutions - Energy supply systems with cables

Winner 2016

Gold vector award 2016: robot for drilling platform


High costs, numerous manual procedures and a big safety risk for workers: A new robot-aided solution compensates for all these negatives associated with work on a drilling platform. An autonomous drilling platform system has been developed for use on land or at sea.

Silver vector 2016: machine tool

Tooling machine

Previously, freely hanging cables were used for the 7th axis of a machine tool. The multi rotation module (MRM) from igus®, which allows rotational movements of up to 720 degrees, is now being used. As a result, rapid rotation of 180 °/s and acceleration of 30 °/s² with extremely fast changes of direction are possible.

Bronze vector 2016: production equipment

Production facility

Equipment for the production of different concrete elements: In this project in Thailand, a concrete spreader can only get to the place where it is washed via a branch line – the bucket has to travel 13,5 metres in the working area and a further 55 metres a day to the cleaning point.

Special jury mentioning

Yacht systems

The first variable width seafaring catamaran has been created with components from igus®. In harbours, these double-hull boats always need two moorings next to each other. This is cost-intensive and, during high season, normally impossible to book.

Further participant applications 2016 (PDF)

Lucky winners of vector contest 2016

The gold vector award was won by the company Robotic Drilling Systems from Norway. From r. to l.: Rune Bjørnbekk, Jimmy Bostrøm (both Robotic Drilling Systems, speaker at the award ceremony and patron of the competition Ken Fouhy, vdi nachrichten, Harald Nehring, igus GmbH.

HMI 2016

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