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dryspin® injection-moulded lead screw nuts, cylindrical, high helix thread: cut, DST-E7SRM

  • Cost-effective through injection moulding
  • Vibration-dampening
  • For high speeds at low loads
  • Quiet operation
  • Material: iglidur® E7
  • Thread direction: Right-hand thread
  • Thread type: High helix thread dryspin®
  • Design: Standard
  • Cylindrical lead screw nut

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Product description
Cost-effective, lubrication-free lead screw nuts made of the high-performance polymer iglidur® E7 are now also available in cylindrical form. Including self-locking trapezoidal thread or fast dryspin® high helix thread.
Laboratory technology, 3D printers, fully automatic coffee machines, projectors
Technical data
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